Friday, June 4, 2010

Brother, Sister Love!!

Kennedy is up... Her first shot, she made it!! And Eli was not gonna settle for last... So as she was getting ready to attempt her second shot he slips his hand down the hole and grabs her first red beanbag that she had made!! Haha... Gotta love them!

He goes up for the shot, Nervous? I'm sure... As the beanbag leaves his hand he stumbles downward to see if he has made the shot... HE DID!! And the crowd goes wild!
And he was caught!! Trying too steal a point by sneaking too the hole while his sister wasn't looking...
But all awhile she really new what was going on... He just wanted to win!

A Day at Grandma's full of fun and Excitment!!!

He shoots... He scores!! Oh how he loves playing Corn-hole ... His favorite activity by far!!! At the age of 2, he sure could beat me!!!